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Custom Essay Writing and Plagiarism Detection Software

What makes a custom essay – custom? Why do you get a certain percentage of similarity index after the custom essay writing was done? What is plagiarism and how do I avoid it? Such questions and more will be answered in this post.


Whenever it comes to custom essay writing you are expected to deliver a self written paper. Yet, even a self written paper can show traces of plagiarism (or similarity according to turnitin). Where is the catch? The thing is that plagiarism detection soft catches similar words, sentences and structure. Yet when it comes to well known facts as any of the Newton’s laws in physics – it will detect that as well. Your sources will be highlighted as well and maybe much more. But is that a verdict that your custom essays writing is not original? – NO! Normal custom essay writing may have 15% of similarity index and under. In some technical papers where a lot of the technical terminology is used – such percentage, so called – plagiarism %, may be around 25% and under and still get you a good grade.

Modern essay writing is not easy especially when it come to referencing, citing and formatting your paper. But what is you paraphrase someone else’s paper? Would that be detected? The answer is – NO! Such ant plagiarism software as TurItIn cannot detect paraphrase if it is done correctly. To ensure that, take the ideas, structure, sources and throw everything else away!

Plagiarism can cause you your education, yet lately the worst cases are failing the course/class. If you are dragged into the plag talk with your tutor or the dean – fight till the end; prove it is your work and that everything is fine there. If you requested a custom essays writing from a reliable custom essay writing service – you are safe and there is no way they can prove you have done so, thus stay strong!